Staged Homes Sell Quickly

Sellers who stage their homes sell quickly.  Staging your home does not necessarily mean making the home look straight out of Southern Living.  By highlighting the advantages of the home, removing the objections, broadening the appeal and downplaying the disadvantages, sellers can drastically affect their home's time on the market.  Time is money in real estate - when homes sell quickly, sellers save money.

Highlight the Advantages

First impressions count.  Spruce up your entrance, inside and out.  Make sure it is clean and attractive.  You have one chance to make a good first impression, and it is usually made in the first thirty seconds.  Your entrance sets the tone for the rest of the showing. 

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter.  In case you missed that, declutter.  You can instantly visually expand the living space by streamlining and decluttering.  Remember the rule of three.  No surface should have more than three items on it.  Minimize the furniture in each room to that which is functional.  Float your furniture in groupings.  By moving furniture from the walls, you visually expand your space and make the space look, feel and live larger than it actually is.

Think about why you purchased the home.  Play up those advantages to prospective buyers.  Draw attention to the gourmet kitchen or the large master bath by really focusing your energy on those areas, adding special touches buyers are sure to notice.

Remove Objections

Remove personal items, such as pictures.  You want your home to look homey, but you want the prospective buyers to picture it as their home not yours.  If you have pets, invest in pet odor remover gels.  Arrange pet day care so people can focus on your home, not your pet and you won't eliminate those buyers who are afraid or allergic to pets.

Speaking of odors, invest in odor absorbing gels rather than perfuming sprays or air freshners.  Many people are allergic or offended by certain odors.  The best scent your home can have is freshly baked cookies or banana bread.

Fix any obvious repairs. Each time a buyer notices something that needs to be repaired, it raises the question in their minds, "If this is what I see, what don't I see?" Remove dated items like wallpaper, hardware and fixtures. Freshen the paint. Shine the floors. Make your home as move-in ready as possible.

Broaden the Appeal

Take the time to neutralize your decor, particularly removing non-neutral paints.  Themed items like seashore, vineyard wallpapers narrow the scope of buyers your home will appeal to.  They will instantly raise objections.  Warm, neutral colors play better than cooler shades which tend to make spaces appear more sterile than desirable for homes.

Calming environments resonate with everyone - remove anything that jars the senses.  Greenery and fresh flowers add to appeal.  This doesn't have to be expensive, though - look to your landscape, ask your neighbors if they will share some from their yard. 

Downplay the Disadvantages

Lighting is very important.  Open the blinds, lighten up the drapes, bring in extra lights in particularly small or dark rooms.  Effects lighting can shift the focus from disadvantages in rooms. If your closets are small, declutter them as much as possible.

Particularly in small homes, continuity of paint colors is important.  The fewer shade changes, the better.  If you have slanted ceilings, or awkward spaces, give them a function.  Attractive storage repurposes tight spaces and removes the disadvantage of the lost space.

By decluttering, updating and paying attention to small details, like fresh flowers and effects lighting, you can minimize the time your home spends on the market.  Time is money in real estate, and the quicker you sell your home, the quicker you can get on to the next season in your life.  Let Sandcastle Dreams move you towards that next season with less stress while maximizing your investment return.

"I appreciate your professional manner, your courtesy, and thoroughness from offer to closing. Your knowledge of the real estate process kept this transaction moving toward closing with such efficiency." –Betty Cope

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