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Buying a home can be quite intimidating. For many people, it is the largest ticket item they will ever purchase. My job is to help smooth that process and remove as much stress as possible from the transaction. There are many, many resources on the internet for buyers. One of the best I've found is through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Their website, found here, offers answers to questions asked by buyers across the nation. However, markets vary from location to location, sometimes even within a county. That's when the depth of local experience of a REALTOR pays off.

I've worked Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and Walton Counties helping buyers since 1992, through boom markets, through buyers' markets, through seller's markets.  While every set of market conditions has different challenges, they also have advantages.  There is no substitute for real life experience.

Northwest Florida Counties have rural areas that qualify for Rural Development loans, urban areas that qualify for redevelopment loans, and even brownfield areas that qualify for special redevelopment grants.  There are also special loans for veterans, teachers, law enforcement and emergency responders.  By far, the largest percentages of homeowners utilize Veteran Administration guaranteed mortgages available to military members and veterans.  I can give you many options for reputable lenders who can help you determine what your best choices are when it comes to mortgage financing.

Have you checked your credit score?  It's important to check it early in the process - so that you can begin work having wrong items removed as quickly as possible.  Credit scores are determined by several things: whether you've paid on time, how much you owe, length of credit history, what type of risk profile you fit into, and the type of credit you have outstanding. The Federal Trade Commission offers great advice for helping yourself with your credit score here.

Home Inspections are highly recommended, both for existing homes and new construction.  Alot of buyers are under the misconception that the bank's inspection covers them.  This is not true.  The bank's inspector is looking for items that affect the homes' value - not necessarily things that will require costly repairs or utilities for the homeowner.  For more information about the bank's inspection, this document answers some questions.  I can help you find an ethical home inspection specialist to help guard your investment and protect you from expensive repairs at a later date.

I genuinely care about my clients.  I want to ease the process for them.  I want them to prosper in their investment in real estate.  My business is driven by customer satisfaction.  I have dozens of recommendations from people I've helped - even through markets driven by circumstances beyond their control. Call me!  I look forward to helping you!





"We cannot thank you enough for everything that you have done for us. You have gone well above and beyond and we appreciate that more than we can express." –Kim & Jeff

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